Project supported by the UE.

Title: Product and process innovation – production technologies, management models, circular economy for the development of competitiveness

Cod. 7033-0001-1010-2019

Approved with decree nr 9 of 03/01/2020

Objectives and expected results: The project refers to the themes of LEAN, DIGITALIZATION, and CIRCULAR ECONOMY. The training project consists in the implementation of training actions supporting this process of organizational and managerial development by training the participants in the field of lean production, management control, process digitalisation, and in the development of solutions in view of a circular economy. A wide and articulated project facing different themes, integrated with each other and with the investment processes that the company is standing to strengthen itself on international markets and enter new market segments. The awareness of management is linked to the fact that in order to improve performance and support the expected change, it is essential to have motivated and prepared staff.

Number of recipients involved: 15

Total training hours: 288

Public contribution: € 43,424.00