Città della speranza

Teraplast supports the City of Hope Foundation, established in 1994 at the initiative of Mr Franco Masello, today Italian pole of excellence in the research and care of children cancer diseases.
The fundraiser, initially oriented to the building of a new and modern children’s onco-hematology ward at Padua’s hospital (today completed) is now oriented to the support of City of Hope Research Children’s Institute, created and newly opened in Padua in 2012 with the support of the Foundation.
With its 17.500 square meters, it is today the largest European research center in childhood diseases, involving more than 60 researchers.
The aim of IRP’s institute (Pediatric Research Institute) is to become an international point of reference and an excellent pole for the research and the care for pediatric oncology diseases. The Oncology Children’ s Clinic is in contact with the most important Italian and International centres and thanks to the funding provided by City of Hope has become the national reference point for children cancer diseases.