Plastic is a 100% recyclable material, so in energy terms it is one of our most efficient resources. Teraplast has always been an environmentally conscious company and it believes in the circular economy: a regenerative system that reduces waste and emissions through recycling, reuse, maintenance and repair. A plastic product at the end of its life cycle can be recycled and reinserted into the production system, in order to create a recycled product of the same quality as the original one. Recycle and you too can give plastic a second life!

All of this is behind Teraplast’s new Linea RE: a sustainable way to look to the future. The pots and decorative pebbles in the selection are non-toxic, recycled and 100% recyclable. RE stands for RESPECT and care for the environment. The eco-friendly products are made using sustainable plastic that reduces their environmental impact and cuts carbon dioxide emissions. Do you want to play your part in the fight to protect the environment by buying responsibly? If so, join the RE generation: RE-CYCLE plastic and sow the seeds of the future!


The self-watering system allows you to cater to your plants’ needs without having to water them too often. The drainage holes let out any excess water, so that the plant itself can draw on the contents of the reservoir when it needs them. Some of the pots equipped with this system also have a coating membrane that can be removed to let excess water leak out.


Farewell mosquitoes, this is a no-fly zone! The self-watering system stops mosquitoes from reaching the stagnant water at the bottom of pots and laying their eggs there.

  • lightweight
  • ecological: non-toxic and recyclable
  • odourless
  • anti-mould
  • easy to wash without detergents
  • decorative
  • versatile
  • weather resistant (-30°C to +60°C)
  • eco-friendly
  • UV resistant: colour-fast dyes